Buildings and contents insurance

Buildings and contents insurance

Finding buildings and contents insurance together as a package will work out a lot cheaper than selecting two individual policies, some banks offer you buildings insurance when you apply for a mortgage with them, although this may seem easier, it’s not normally the cheapest route to take.

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You’re able to take out buildings and contents insurance with anyone you like so do not feel pressured into taking out a policy with your lenders, Here at Easy Contents Insurance we have a huge panel of insurers that can save you quite a substantial amount of money when it comes to finding building and contents insurance, simply fill out one of our quote forms which takes no time at all and be greeted with multiple contents insurance estimates including any latest deals that would be available to you at the time.

For a quick easy buildings & contents insurance quote simply click the quote button below and follow the on page instructions, it’s as simple as that really.




Trying to find the right buildings and contents insurance used to be a real pain to find, let alone a really cheap price, now, thanks the the internet and the extreme competition in lowering prices and the vast range of insurance providers, we can get you a real good deal, the best thing about our service is that the prices you see are valid for 30 days so you can obtain your buildings and contents insurance quote at any time, then save those prices at a fixed rate for the next 30 days, leaving you the time you need to ponder about your decision or even find a policy else where.

Now, where else would you get a stress free no obligation quotation from that does not constantly put you under pressure like those tedious telephone brokers constantly pushing and prodding you.